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Monday, July 9, 2012


our cousin in southern indiana said that they will soon be losing the old family home.
"yes, he said, there are many, many memories in that house but that is life and the way it happens"
       I wonder.....are memories in a house just sitting there upright waiting ~ like dominos~one falls forward and all the rest tumble across your mind?


LadyCat said...

Hi Kim...I am sorry to hear about your cousin's hardship...very sad.
I do like your analogy of memories to dominos. Memories tend to be either black or white, too. Not many gray. We remember them as either bad ot good.

ted and bunny said...

yup, all those memories are forever stacked up in that house...so that when someone comes to look round they'll go hey! just love the feel of this place...and it'll be a happy home once again,and your cousin and family will always be part of its fabric...

hoping all is well across the miles with you and yours.
Love from us all here and especially big purr from Kit...Mark has discovered that if you whistle quietly to her she rolls over and wriggles for a tummy tickle!

Grace said...

I love the way you phrased the memories & dominoes comment.

And after contemplation...I think that perhaps you have COMPLETELY and might I add, BEAUTIFULLY, captured the essence of the grief over losing that house.

Probably one of the best sentences I have ever read.

Even as an outsider to your life, I am saddened for you.

Blessings to you and yours.

In Him,

Kim said...

Awww. thank you gals for the kind words. Aunt Margie is 90 now and I think she is not up to dancing anymore...except in her mind. She is in the health facility and her kids will have to sell the house. I wish we could buy it for a vacation home since we love southern Indiana so much.

Kim said...

you are right, LadyCat...memories are either black or white.

Kim said...

Elaine, I have been missing Kit! I would love to whistle (if I could) and get her to wiggle for a tummy tickle.

Kim said...

thank you so much, Grace for your uplifting comments. Those words came to me in a dream. ♥