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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chair Fixation

New chairs...oh the thrill of it all. 14 months ago I purchased new chairs for the tiny living room...they were leopard print and you had to sit straight up and at attention...not so comfortable...so moved them out and about to other rooms...now found some relaxing chairs...much better fit. We already had the funky high heel chairs from long ago...KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong loves these new ones...he says though that I have a mass collection of chairs to match the mass collection of pillows that are tucked away in bins...which I do but you can never have enough chairs and pillows..(don't know the reasoning behind this statement, but it sounded good when I typed it...

1 comment:

ted and bunny said...

love those new chairs!