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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Driving to work...random thoughts. All three of those cars turned right without stopping at the red light..they didn't have an arrow..does one doing it make it right? The Beavers make a dam and the humans have to tear it down...over and over...but what can we do..we can't reason with them to stop the madness. The woman that just passed me in that car had her hair so taut and had such a firm expression on her face it made her look like a middle aged man. The geese are pairing up...will have little goslings around soon and more green poopy. Talked to my friend on the phone right through the scheduled tornado drill at 7:30pm. Was I supposed to practice running to the basement? uh oh The whole moon is reflected in a lake and also in a drop of water. The Universe can be very big or very small...depends on where you are in it. And how big or small you are. We may be seeing all of it and don't know it.


ted and bunny said...

have to agree with your last post, I luuuurve my naps- with Kit of course!

adrielleroyale said...

Wouldn't you just love someday for maybe an hour to have a man's mind? Supposedly it'd be pretty quiet... ;) Just think! An hour of complete silence! Even in your mind! I think they lie though, I bet their minds are just as random as a woman's :)

Kim said...

Oh Adrielle, you are so funny...their minds are scary to us and our minds are really scary to them. Yeah, they lie alot...but don't think they do. And they keep their random thoughts to themselves. ha