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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Major Award

I've won a Major Award! A Major Award! And no it's not that leg lamp from Christmas Story ..although I have one..did you doubt it, my dears? AdrielleRoyal of Challenges Met gave me a Stylish Blogger Award..I love her inspirational and lovely blog and am so happy to have found her.

It works like this:

•Thank and link back to the person that awarded me
•Share 7 things about myself
•Pay it forward to recently discovered bloggers
•Contact those bloggers about the award

Some things about myself:

..I love music but cannot play an instrument of any kind
..I love the wonder of words
..I paint murals on my walls on Sunday afternoons
..My kitchen drawer is full of paint tubes for when I get the urge
..I would like to step back in time just for a few days
..I am the genealogist of my family and friends
..I would rather write,and read and feed squirrels than cook

And now I pass the award onto these recently discovered stylish bloggers:

Ted and Bunny ...makes me laugh and I love her Kit

ILoveMyHouse ....feel like she is related to me thru my new Dutch Son-in-law

Woolfenbell ...so creative and she makes me laugh w/every day correspondence

Serendipity ..such a tender person and inspirational friend

Trashsparkle la femme anglaise...she makes me laugh so hard...I love to laugh

DaveandAllie ..not only is he my Godson, he is an incredibly good writer

Found,Now Home ..interesting decor & photos by an U.S.girl in England

A Heron's View ...my Irish poet buddy who sent me his 100 poems in his own voice

Can't pick just 7 sorry!


LadyCat said...

Congratulations! It's good to learn more about you. Painting mural sounds fun...what types of things do you paint?
Thanks for all your help with the music on my blog! You are a great bloggy friend : )

The Barn Door said...

Awesome! I love your new background!!!

Bachelor said...

Congrats Kim! Enjoyed reading what you shared about yourself! I would love to to some oil painting classes someday! have a great fun day!
:) Lord Thomas of Wellington

trashsparkle said...

wow - mural painting sounds brave; are you running out of walls to paint? would love to see some pics! people say how therapeutic cooking is; I find it just stops me doing other things I want to do... I love family history - my mum's done her side, and I've done my dad's (somerset and wales...though not much luck with his grandma's lot - jones, which is every other person in wales!!!!

Betsy said...

Oh how fun! And how nice to read a few more tidbits about you! Do you even post pictures of your murals? I'd love to see what you paint on your walls, brave lady! lol.

Angella Lister said...

I love that you paint murals on your walls. I hope you'll one day post some pictures and tell us more. It's interesting how often painting and art go hand in hand with reading and writing. And like you, I would rather do all of the above than cook. Not so the rest of my family.

Do you ever paint on canvas?

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh dear, thank you so much.Loved all your answers, i think we are a bit related through the Dutch son in law, fantastic!
Well if youbever visit Holland, i will welcome you as family.


My Grama's Soul said...

Hello sweet lady...thanks for stopping by....you know...I do decorate much as you do!! I love that!! (O:

Congrats on your bloggy award~!!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog...and commenting. I am thrilled that you are now following my blog. Your blog is awesome. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.


P.S. Have a wonderful week!

Hilary said...

Congrats to you. Nice blog you have here. I see you do indeed mention feeding the squirrels. :) Thanks for you visit to my blog.

Zuzana said...

Hello Kim, love the description of you on the sidebar;)
Congratulations on your award.;) A timely post for me, a new visitor, to learn a bit about you.;) I harbor the same sentiments about cooking.;)
Thank you so much for your lovely visit at my place and very kind words on the enticing moon,

Kim said...

You all make blogging fun!

Lynn said...

Wow!!!! Love the new decor!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

now what's this about linking me? now i have to come up with something fantastic, do i? how am i gonna do that? can i just be very, very grateful (thank you!) and hop on? please?

Paula said...

THANK YOU for thinking of me, Kim, and your sweet words. I'm honored! I will definitely have to repost on my blog! It's so nice to hear fun little tidbits about you. You're a girl after my own heart, my dear!

Weekend is almost here, and I'm heading to a neighborhood yard sale and an auction tomorrow. Wish you were here to come along!!!