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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Peek With A Slap

KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong and I went to dinner tonite~been a long time since we did that and then even rarer, we went to Keystone at the Crossing Fashion Mall..it was a misty dreary night~ remnants of Hurricane Lee so we decided to look through the shops.
We went into Anthropologie...love to look at how they decorate each store differently..the clothes are just not me but I enjoy displays more than the actual merchandise.
We also nipped into Restoration Hardware...I have been seeing the adverts in the decor mags but haven't been in the actual store for years. OK, I was slapped down by the new look...that is the term my friend Lynn and I have always used..you know, something just is so unique that you feel slapped to the ground! KennyR and I were so slapped that we want a second house and about $30,000 to furnish it with their unique furnishings. Yes, it is a bit way out but if I were furnishing a loft...the pieces would be perfect and I love anything way out!
I found something that I could actually afford ...a beautiful book of the most interesting decorated rooms photos...I'm such a sucker for decor books but I held myself back and did not buy it. Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas. Silly because if you saw our study there are so many books that we can barely sit down and we'll never be able to read them all. It's a goal though.
So we got slapped down for the evening...what better way to fall in love.


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i have an even better proposition : revamp your own place, so you won't already have the cost to buy a second place, and you'll have more dosh to do it up your way! ;)))
or! what you could also do, which would be huge fun, (i'd love doing this,) is building a maquette and use the book for inspiration to clad your own rooms, miniature style. cut the book upalready!
did i say : everything tiny these days...

how LOVELY you went out for dinner together!!!!! more of this, i'm sure!

trashsparkle said...

that sofa - think that could quite happily be my new hq!

always good to be looking out for different STUFF - it filters in somehow in other forms without breaking the bank.... what room are you gonna chuck out to revamp if plan A: get 2nd house doesn't get off the ground? ;) x

Kim said...

Miss TrashSparkle, My whole house could possibly fit into that bird cage chandelier...and the 2nd house...in our minds! ha
I always love to get ideas from expensive stuff...try to twist it my way on a penny and a nickel budget!

C. Andrako said...
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A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Okay, you will think me very kooky, but I meant to send the previous comment from this site instead of my art site which I only use as a web site. Confused? Me, too. No squirrels yet this morning but I'm up early waiting for Peanut. Have a great week.

Christine said...

gorgeous photos Kim, thanks for stopping by. I like that sofa.

Betsy said...

Restoration Hardware! Oh, so fun! I always leave wanting to redo my whole house! lol! Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday today! xo