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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Still Got It in French Lick

Let me take you on a little trip for a glimpse of an expectedly great time in a little southern Indiana town on a Friday night. I say expectedly because KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong and I always have an amazing time when we go to visit Aunt Margie!
Aunt Margie is 89, has a boyfriend 3 years her junior and never misses a dance in the famous little town of French Lick, Indiana, home of the Beaux Arts hotel and spa that was built in the early 1900's touting the health giving Mineral spring waters of the valley~Pluto Water~What Nature won't do, Pluto Will! The boyfriend can still drive and see at night and knows everything about everything and everybody in Orange County. But if you aren't as lucky as Aunt Margie, the Senior Party Bus will pick you up at your door. You'll know it's coming..you can hear the whooping and hollering from a far! There is a dance every Friday night without fail! Aunt Margie's son's band that is famous in southern Indiana plays for those dances about once a month. He packs the rockin n'rollin' seniors in when they know he is playing! There is no liquor in the place but you wouldn't know it..those seniors revert right back to their younger days as soon as the music starts...the years seem to melt away when you watch their bodies move in unison to the lively beat. They dance the dances with real footwork and body moves from back in the day. Even if some of them can't move as fluidly as the others, they still don't hesitate to get on the dance floor and shuffle around a bit.
One man eyed me from the end of the long dinner table. As soon as KennyRLABTPSWW got up to dance with Aunt Margie, my Ex-POW came over and sat down by me. He asked me if I was going to dance with 'him' as he pointed over at KennyR. "Not at the moment"
I replied. "Well, then would you dance with me?"

My Ex-POW shared his 5 marriage relationships, saying the one thing he can't tolerate is a cheater~I wonder if he was looking for #6... He shared his POW story during WWII being captured in the English Channel. He said he was treated well actually. I love the stories and these senior people always have the best stories! His most recent girlfriend just moved to another town. He gave me a copy of his birth certificate that he carries with him and also a picture of himself in 1947.
At the end of the show Bobby Easterday wraps up the show with his much anticipated Elvis segment. He's still able to do the splits! He's still got it!

My Ex-POW lamented that this time next week I will have forgotten this evening and him. No, friend, I will not forget.
You know what.. I've been told I've still GOT IT, but what is IT and am I sure I want IT?...


Betsy said...

Oh, what a cute post! French Lick..reminds me of french kiss! lol...

Aunt Margie is one cute lady there with her boyfriend. And look at you...gorgeous, dancing with your that POW gentleman.

Cute, cute!

Kim said...

Betsy, I loved that weekend. Actually they have 2 dances each weekend..one in French Lick and one in Mitchell Indiana. They never fail to go to the dances. Mike (Kenny) and I love those old people! They are so fun! Like being in high school again. They know all the gossip about each other!

The Barn Door said...

Look at you go girl!!! Flirtin with 'the boys'! Mike looks like he was having a blast.

ted and bunny said...

go girl go!!
never knew you were such a flirt
You certainly got a whole life story in one dance didn't you, bet he was about to chalk up #6!!

just a bit sad cos we're not able to make our trip over to the US this year- this time last year we were in New York- and I really really miss my cousins and just hanging out with them

W're going to have a barbecue and skype them- and cook "our" favourite beer-butt chicken!

VallyP said...

What a charming post! Lovely to know the older folks still enjoy rockin n rollin'! Beautiful car in that photo there too! Looks like the real old days.

A Heron's View said...

You know the older I get the more enjoyment I get from life and it is good to see that those more senior than me, have appreciated that fact.

adrielleroyale said...

Great post, what a fun weekend!! I would have to say you definitely still got it! :) Those old folks are pickier than you might think! ;)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i love you for bringing such a heart warming post. felt like i was there, rural US of A, stories i like best! stories i put into my dvd player every so often. small stories, but big! cheers, kimmie!
oi, you got flair lady! kenny-whole-long-name jealous a tad, was he?