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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tangled Up In Blue Jeans

I squoze over to Paula's Blog http://paulasserendipity.blogspot.com/and was greeted by the most fresh, bright looking laundry room. My gosh, you could eat off the floor. Perfect for her new baby boy to crawl around in while she washes and irons his little duds.
Made me very jealous though...I have never in all my hundreds of years of lives had a pretty or even decent laundry room. One was in a basement that must have had a hidey hole that let chipmunks in so they could take up residence in the dryer coil, one was in the garage..if you don't think that was pleasant during -30 degrees and then the one I have now..
Mine is in the dredge of a basement that you can only walk a tightrope width of an aisle to the washer and dryer that has stuff stacked in front of it! I have to stand on a box and lean across another box to put the clothes in. Then to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer, I must hold the clothes dryer door open with my left knee so that it doesn't slam shut since it doesn't open all the way...why...you ask...because of some more boxes of 1976 clothes catalogs, blue jeans and price sheets from KennyRogersLookAlikeBeforeThePlasticSurgeryWentWrong's first clothes buying position..he is in the clothing business....leisure suits priced wholesale at about $7.00 and Brittania Jeans from $8...from the rag district in New York. Can you say 'disco'~ Important papers that, of course, umhmmm, must be kept for~I don't know the reason~but he does or says he does...he just has to go thru them and toss a few things....WAHT! He's been singing this chant for 16 years now. And while I'm ranting, I might add that I have 'tossed' a few things and even just rearranged the disintegrating emphera maybe a foot from the washer and he has gotten panicked that I may have thrown something away...How can he tell? Oh, please just let him go visit his brother for about 2 weeks so I can have some friends in and help me widen the path to dance to my washer before I fall in among the files and become lodged and tangled up in blue..


Paula said...

Oh, Kim...I've had my share of scary laundry rooms, too! And my laundry room didn't always look like that. And if we hadn't had that water leak, it would still look like that! HA! Wallpaper was coming off the walls, the most horrible linoleum you could imagine...and old scratched cabinets. We actually reused the cabinets and just painted them. And it made a world of difference to get that disgusting wallpaper off the walls! And a new floor...thank goodness. It's not always as clean as it looks in the pictures. Right now, as a matter of fact, those counters are stacked high with my awaiting laundry! :-) And where your husband has stacked old clothes and file boxes in front of your machines, mine has stacked political sign boxes and a plastic tub full of old Christmas garland that I keep trying to get him to take to Goodwill. Last night, I had had enough, and I told him if the signs weren't gone by the weekend, I was putting them on the curb for the garbage men to haul away! :-) I bet they'll be in the garage by Saturday evening...unless he calls my bluff. Thanks for your sweet comment on my laundry room. I do love it and am so thankful for it. I especially love my new washer and dryer...front loaders...which I've wanted forever. We got them just in time for the baby! They do a beautiful job.

Thanks for your visit, Kim! Come back and visit with us again soon!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

aj, you make me laugh out loud, but i totally dig your craving for a gorgeous laundry room. i've been doing that washing in the cellar for nine years straight, and now we've moved, my wish was HIGH on the list. of course, we don't have the kitchen yet, and since that laundry room is gonna sit in a corner of it... i'm washing on concrete now. shall i tell you about the stress of letting drop fresh laundered goods on dusty concrete? still, some tell me, that's how it is, till everything gets settled.
all that dust, huh?

Kim said...

My laundry drops on the concrete floor too...dust gets one it...you know that dust that is some dust mite's home?? I envisioned you rubbing your laundry on the concrete to scrub it!!! hahahaha.

trashsparkle said...

Get some lovely pics of laundry rooms (they're utility rooms over here) out of mags/blogs/etc, stick them up PROMINENTLY and say you want at least SOME of the room to look like that. Half the room? Have these vintage clothing essentials nowhere else to go if they have to be kept? Do you have a loft? If you can clear the room, promise him you'll wash no more of his clothes if he makes it messy again!