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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve and I'm Cleaning and Trying to Clear the Tables ...not doing very well at it though

Tryin' real hard to clear stuff...am cleaning so that is clearing the dust but not doing very well at this clearing bit...Where else do I put this stuff?
Photos later.....
Happy New Year's Eve
We had 19 degrees fahrenheit two days ago, then yesterday we had an earthquake at 7:55am Eastern Standard time and it turned 52 degrees. Today we had a tornado warning siren at 11:30am...went outside without a coat....What a way to end the year!

1 comment:

ted and bunny said...

wow- I ended the year with a bang, you ended it with a WHOOOOOOOSH!

Hope all well and the New Year brings more blessings than you can count

purr purr from Kit