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Friday, November 19, 2010

Time With A Good Vintage

I cherish time with my vintage friends...most are interestingly a little older, anywhere from 9 years to 29 years older than me....all of them I have known for years... these friends are best friends, mentors, laughter vehicles when a good laugh is needed, poetry voices when emotional release is needed...a good affirmation discussion that takes up where it was left off years ago...never skipping a beat in the cadence of friendship music. Each one of these remarkable women is unique, sliding a hand in the pockets of my spirit...each waving a hand out of the pocket just when they are needed the most. After being with their spirits, I feel the numbness of my wine soaked lips, the tear stained cheeks, and the Aha! moment inspired by the comraderie of the laughter, tears and poetry flowing freely as a smooth fruity vintage wine pours from the friendship bottle.


Sheila said...

I've recently moved to a new area and I'm finding that many of my new friends are good vintages too. I haven't, yet, had the pleasure of knowing them for years but I'm valuing their experience and friendship more than I can say.

Kim said...

You'll find, Sheila that the new friends you are making will be Good Vintages in no time...you won't even have to know them well, by that I mean everything about them...what you know about them at first is sometimes all you need to ever know.