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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Family Intro

Well, the big party I was telling you about has happened for my daughter Regan and her Dutch Boy! The introduction to the Family... with the big family party which was the best party we have all had together since my parents have passed. We had really warm weather, unusually warm weather till the day of the party! Of Course! Then a cold front came in with a huge blow of a Zephyr. And this zephyr was not gentle, however, it was calm by the time the party got started and even though it was chilly we all sat around the fire pit and criticized each other's Lebanese cooking! No one cooks as well as our grandma but everyone tries. It just can't be done! But that is our dynamic. My sister brought me a homemade~ from~ scratch Lemon Meringue pie for my birthday... of which I got a sliver and she got none...every bite of food was gone in no time. (note to self~make three dishes of each recipe) The guys did shots of Chivas Regal..some loving it...some not so much. Took lots of pictures~ much too much according to some family members..but I noticed they were sure to smile while they were complaining.
It was a whirlwind visit with the guests of honor arriving at midnight on Friday night, family party late afternoon till the wee hours of the morn and whisked off for the other side of the family's dinner on Sunday a good two hours of driving time away. We did have one day together on Monday and we chose to see the canals and aqueducts in downtown Indianapolis. We also visited the famous Monument Circle that boasts a very emotional obelisk full of sculptures of the various wars that Indiana has been represented in...statues emoting parents pleading the young son to not go to war and cannons with gunned down soldiers careening and hanging off the upper ledges so lifelike you might think it had just happened and they will fall straight into the fountains. There are 32 flights of stairs to climb to the very top to Miss Liberty if you can bear it and a Civil War museum in the belly of the monument. We didn't choose to climb the 32 flights but we did buy some french pastries and sat along the ledges and studied the workmanship of this magnificent landmark.
Tuesday morning was the sad morning...the guests of honor had to catch a plane and KennyRogerslookalike and I had to bolt off to work...but we will all be together again in July for their wedding...I hope her Dutch boy survived the meeting of the family!


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Wow, it looked like a grand time was had by all !
Love the family picture...everyone smiling so big, and enjoying spending time, and having fun together.
I think it was a HUGE sucess, congratulations !

Persis Shah said...

ahhmazing pics!

thanks for following my blog...i'm following yours too now! and hope to see more of such fabfulous posts soon.



littlebyrd said...

Love this Kim! Such sweet pictures and eveyone looking so happy :)

Awais said...

Happy family :)