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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I'd Rather....

I have to do some, not a lot, but enough grocery shopping to make me fussy. Seems like I just went. How can two people go through this much food..staples really. Milk, bread, potatoes, meat, veg. I hate lugging that bag of potatoes and milk up the stairs into the house dodging our 126 year old cat who tries to slip out of the closing door. One time she got caught between the screen door and the hard door and I couldn't find her for half an hour! And on top of that I have to vacuum the house, finish straightening things up a bit, wash and dry 3 loads of laundry (who is wearing all these clothes?!) and then iron Kenny Rogers look-alike's shirts. And it is raining and has been all day long. Yuck...I'd rather just stay here, wish it weren't raining and sit in my wicker chair and look at photos that I'd like to write stories about and take pictures of Mr. Rat-a-tat, the woodpecker(I have found out now that it is a Northern Flicker of the woodpecker family) who has made the biggest hole in my tree and the biggest mess of wood chips on the ground...Guess we can use them for mulch.. Take photos of the lush green of spring with my one eye squinted on the digital camera up to my eye. Yes, I do that, as if it were a regular old-fashioned camera. My friends make fun of me because I put the screen up to my one open eye and snap the picture..old dogs keep the old ways. I could have done all this yesterday but I was too busy talking on the phone (we all live in different states) to all my relatives about our ethnic past. That takes lots of time..trying to figure out who is related by who especially when all the names sound alike and all we have to go on are some of the old stories my grandparents told. The "new" old country related cousins and aunts and uncles say they never heard some of those stories. So are they true or not? We tend to want to think the stories will stay the same in our minds. They sound more romantic. So I'd rather be doing all these much "funner" things than going to the grocery in the rain.
At least the green of spring looks greener in the wet rain. I'm begrudgingly off to the store, thinking of my next story.

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