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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Night Cars

These past unusually warm April nights takes my memory back to the summer nights of my childhood visits in Maine. My cousin and I would sit in our grandparents swing in the evenings and talk or just mind-meld...sometimes we wouldn't have to say anything at all..we just put our heads together and rocked the swing, intuitively knowing each other's thoughts. There was an old empty factory building across the street with the multi-paned windows and sometimes we would go over there and run up and down the shipping and receiving ramp and then run back to our swing. We would sit and listen to the cars way off in the distance traveling on the city streets knowing that we would never know who was whirring those motors, shifting those gears, pushing those accelerators, stomping on those brakes that made that "errrrck" sound. Never seeing the cause yet hearing the effect.
So last night I put my head back on the wicker chair and looked up at the stars, thought of my cousin and listened to the night cars....


ilovemyhouse said...

You know why i love your blog? It's so different from all the others. Your are a very good storywriter, it's almost as if i've been there myself when i read them. The music from your previous post is very moving and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.xx

ted and bunny said...

Ah- a cousin is a very special person, easier often than a sibling but with a family connection that a best friend doesn't share.
Mind-meld. . .what a perfect way to sum-um that closeness, I'm going to unashamedly steal that phrase!
Love the comment comment you've left, couldn't be better:)

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

What a beautifully written memory. You captured a real slice of Americana. I slowed down too...to read... even though I'm hurrying to get ready to leave tomorrow, and I'm so glad I did.

Your visits are always so appreciated...and special. Thanks, Kim. Talk with you soon.


Tumbleweed Woman said...

Maine! I grew up in Maine! What part were your grandparents in? What a lovely story you've shared here. I want to rock in that swing!

日月神教-任我行 said...