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Saturday, April 10, 2010

much ado about nothing in particular

Outside in my backyard, a gentle zephyr is blowing~the sky is truly "sky" blue~birds are singing and there is in particular two woodpeckers calling with their monkey sound and drumming away to each other from distant trees. Every so often the soothing sounds get interrupted by a lawnmower...did these people all buy their lawnmowers at the same place? Did they have a sale on Bush-hogs? These yards are tiny in-town yards..postage stamp size and these mowers sound like bulldozers! Ahhh, at last they have finished mowing...knew it wouldn't take too long to do a 20'by 15' lawn. Now the monkey drumming sound has distanced too and there is the sound of scampering squirrels gathering around me for their peanut afternoon snack. I shall pretend this glorious day is my birthday.


ilovemyhouse said...

I feel exactly the way about the lawnmowers, sometimes you just need some rest and then they start.Terrible.Great pictures, these cute hands!xx

ted and bunny said...

We live literally in the middle of a field- we don't just get a lawnmower, we get a tractor!
Love the squirrel- you're photos are wonderful