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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Handsome Artistic Friend

I have a childhood friend, Lee. Well,we weren't exactly what you would call friends but he was the best friend of my boyfriend and now ex-husband's in school so he was my friend too. Every body knew every body in our school because it was small; we had all grown up together, most from kindergarten right through senior year. So that qualifies for "friend". Last year I was on the committee for our 40th (ugh) class reunion and I was in charge of rounding people up via various social networks. Since I am always on the computer and on a committee with a mission, I became bold! I found Lee and thought I would write an email to him to see how he is doing after 42 years. He moved away to Michigan during our Junior year. Lo and behold, he wrote back and I discovered that he is quite the accomplished artist and photographer and musician! Oh, this guy has it all! He was one of the most gorgeous guys in our school and still is besides being so talented! And you know how important that is to us, girls! Wink... We now converse through email quite frequently and he is the easiest man to talk to...he's done so many different things and lived so many different places in the world. His original artwork, be it photography, painting or sculpting, has such depth and thought provoking quality..he has the uncanny ability to capture the exact mood of the character in each portrait~to capture the feeling of their momentary thought. His perspective is often times mesmerizing. I find myself getting lost in the architectural photoart and I make up stories in my mind about the people he saw through that lens.! If I had the money and the wall space I would have all Lee Kuersten Originals in my home! I invite you to take a nice long gaze at Lee's website and at what Lee creates..I think you will agree...so glad to have him for my friend. Here is the link:
http://members.toast.net/kuersten/index.html ENJOY!

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Paula said...

Hi, Kim! I should have known you would love card catalogs as much as me! We ARE soul sistas, aren't we? ;-) I am off to check out this fabulous artist-friend of yours. Maybe I will be inspired. My studio will be ready soon...the floor comes in tomorrow, so it won't be long now. The excitement is mounting, and I'm getting so antsy!

Hope you had a fabulous day, dear friend.