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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dance Three Times A Week

We drove the familiar favorite trek to visit Michael's beloved Aunt Margie on Monday and Tuesday at her clean as a whistle little house full of pink in southern Indiana. She is so cheerful and full of fun; I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time. She will be 88 next month and when we are all together it is like we are all 16. We were laughing at ourselves so hard that our feet were up in the air! We were trying to call her son who is an Elvis Impersonator and singer and published song writer who is very famous in southern Indiana and neither one of us could get our cell phones to work properly. We called every one we knew to no avail. I don't know if it was the reception or that we couldn't get the phones dialed properly with all the laughing. We looked liked texting teenagers! Well, you just had to be there but it was really funny. Her forgetfulness started rubbing off on me! It is so good to laugh till you scream and can't understand each other 'cause you're laughin' and squealin' so much, ya know!
Aunt Margie has a boyfriend and they go to a dance 3 times a week! Sometimes they go on the "senior party bus"! Believe me we were waiting for her to arrive home one night and the party bus pulled up and you'd have thought it was a bus full of teenagers! There was so much "carrying on" I'd love to be on there to see if anything inappropriate was going on! haha She says no matter how you feel when you get older once you start dancing every ache and pain and stiffness goes away.
"Junior" takes her everywhere for pleasure and errands and they never eat at home. He drives one of the shuttles between French Lick Hotel and West Baden Springs Hotel during the day and has for 27 years. He knows every body and every body knows him. It "aggravates" Aunt Margie, as she puts it in her sweet southern Indiana twang, that when ever they call him to work he goes no matter if he planned to take her to church or whatever. They are so cute. She told me the dances they go to are always crowded with Seniors..women looking for men and men looking for women. When one of the women gets a boyfriend the other women gather around her and interrogate her..."Does he have money? No, he doesn't have much money. Well, is he good looking? Well, no he's not that good a lookin', but he can DRIVE at night!" We laughed even harder when she told me that story! Aunt Margie attracts a lot of men but she has decided to stick with the one she has; he's awful good to her she says and always is particular about how he dresses. That's important to her..every woman wants a sharp dressed man! Even though he likes the attention the other women give him, he must have decided to stick with Aunt Margie as evidenced by the framed pictures of himself when he was in World War II that he brought over and placed around her house; especially next to her bed!


ted and bunny said...

Such a lovely story..and 88!
Thanks for the lovely comments you left about Kit, I was sad to hear about your dear Kitton.

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi Kim, thanks for your kind comment. What a great story about your aunt!You got me laughing as well!Must be fantastic to be old and dance 3 times a week. Oh, i sooo miss your country when i see these nice pictures.x