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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Before the Dressing

Maybe I'm silly, but I love the look of a room that is unfinished, just starting to unfold~bare bones showing... an old house just getting ready to wear it's finery again. I had to capture the moment before the dress and bonnet were donned.

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Paula said...

Hi, Kim. The bed in this room looks a lot like the one in our master bedroom, except ours has a tall rounded headboard. The posts are very similar, though. I love ours. I'll have to take photos and post them at some point.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I just awakened...Michael let me sleep late today...but I am soon heading outside to work in the flower beds. We have beautiful buttercups blooming everywhere, and I want to bring a few indoors. Unfortunately, our closet and studio isn't finished yet...flooring has taken two weeks to get here...so we still have chaos throughout the house. I am hopeful that they will finish this coming week and we can start getting things back to normal around here. That would be nice.

Hope the kitty finds a nice home in the country...he's probably wise enough to stay away from the coyotes...let's keep our fingers crossed. He's been outdoors all his life, so he can probably take pretty good care of himself.

So, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and the dirt. :-) I love digging in dirt.

Have a beautiful day, my dear friend,