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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Through My Mother's Eyes

I'm a world traveler..yet I've never traveled to exotic places in this world. I have traveled through my mother's travel photos in this marvelous scrapbook that I was fortunate enough to inherit thanks to my brother and sister who entrust me with the family keepsakes. Every time we got a chance we would hover over this book and dream about being in India and Egypt and China. We would feel the paper money and try to read the handwritten notes on the edges. We later learned these were in actuality altitudes and destinations and dates of the planes they were flying in to the different military posts..."En Route-BDA-SMA 6-22-45 7000 feet Weather Clear and calm Aircraft-C-54A". You see, my mother was in the WACS during WW II. We loved going over the photos with her as she described the wonderful places but she was reluctant to expound on the stories because I think it was a bit sad for her to reminisce about such a wonderful experience from the past. Some people are like that..I have come to discover...it was a war but on the other hand it was a wonderful experience for the fortunate women and men who were so young and wanted to help their strong country. Did this influence me and my siblings..definitely. Did this influence my way of decorating my home~absolutely. Did this influence my way of accepting other cultures..it most certainly did. You see, I'm a world traveler through my mother's eyes.


The Barn Door said...

So VERY well said!

Down the Rabbit Hole said...

Beautifully put! The place in our imagination is sometimes better than the real trip, I have learned a time or two. I love the photo's you have shared also!