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Sunday, February 28, 2010

....And Then Night Fell with Ollie

Here is the continuation of the Ollie saga. He did pretty well in the evening between the times of 6pm when he arrived and 10:30pm when Mike got home. Miss Indy hissed and growled every time he moved but he knew not to get in her way. Mike knew something was up my sleeve when I greeted him at the door. Then he looked down. There was Ollie. He looked at me and said, "Kim, What did you do?" I told him. He said "Well, (sigh) Indy and I will have to stay in the Ultra Media Lounge (that's what we call our library/computer room) and Ollie will have to stay with you in the bedroom. I don't want Miss Indy getting all upset and keeling over after all she is 126 yrs old"...(funny he said that, because I had gone down to the laundry area in the basement to retrieve some clothes and when I came back up Miss Indy was lying on her side with eyes kind of glazed..sort of like we found Kitton) and I thought "Oh my Gosh! the excitement killed her!" She was alright and Ollie was also lying on his side.) So I took the little pan into the bedroom along with food and water and put him in the bedroom with me. He cried and cried and tried to get out the door and jumped from bed to dresser to the tall dresser, laid in the clean cat litter again and finally napped for a little while on the long dresser. Then he was up again and jumping and I was also jumping up out of the bed throwing the covers back coarsely whispering "Get down!!" I didn't get any sleep and then I had to go to the bathroom and out he popped with me and pushed the Ultra Lounge door open! Next came Indy's low growl and Mike's voice "Kiiimmmm"! I grabbed him up and back to the bedroom we went. He kept crying and turning somersaults trying to get the door open and finally laid down beside me and slept for 15 minutes. The whole shabang started back over again and by then it was 4:30am..Ugh..he then decides he has to use the cat pan for something other than napping and playing..how pleasant was that ~you can imagine. I told him what a good boy he was and then I looked and he had scratched all the litter onto the floor in a pile. Auuggghhh. It was light by then. That's it!! I said to myself and I cleared it up and went to take the bag out to the trash and Ollie went with it~ No, I didn't throw him out, he ran out and disappeared. I am exhausted and have decided that I'm not cut out for this as much as I thought I might be. I am spoiled by little ole ancient Miss Indy and my beloved Au'Kitton! I'll just enjoy the squirrels outside in the back yard! I still have to go to the grocery but then I'm taking a biggg nap!

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Paula said...

Oh, Kim...I had to laugh reading your post. I've been there so many times! My husband and I were married a little over four years ago. He had no idea (well, maybe he did, but didn't realize how bad I was) that I have this thing about rescuing stray animals. The first three months we were married, I rescued kittens from a building about to be demolished and brought home two dogs found on the highway on my way home from work. It got worse from there. I can't tell you how many times we've tried going to sleep with wailing animals in our bathroom or upstairs in a spare room. He has often said to me, "Paula, don't look on the sides of the road driving home...just on the road!" Like those words would keep me from stopping! HA! We now are members of the Humane Society and have adopted three animals from the shelter. We also have asked all of our friends to take in the strays that I have found. If I find any more, I'm not sure what we will do! Poor Ollie. (and Poor Kim!) He probably has a house somewhere and will be safe. If not, he'll be back on your doorstep ready for another night of play and some dinner. :-)

Get some sleep!!!